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Shabaka Media & Events Trainig Pathway

We listen to your requirements entirely and if you know where you want to reach, but do not know how, it is our job to pave the way.

We Listen & Plan


Implementation of your entire plan with attention to quality, milestones and goals.

Extreme Management!


We evaluate your training program throughout all of its phases by using multiple methodologies. 

How did it go!


We handle your reporting and presentation creation qualitatively and quantitatively in a professional manner.

Reporting on us!






YouTube Masters’ is a training program and competition between 78 Bahrainis who will undergo intensive training and will compete against each other in teams by creating 6 YouTube Shows that contribute to solving economic, environmental, and social problems. The program is an opportunity for participants to master the domain of content creation and promote solutions to existing human problems. The program spans a duration of 2 months, the first month accommodates all the necessary training sessions to prepare them for the competition phase, the second month is the competition where participants are assigned to teams and compete. The top 3 winner teams receive an incubation opportunity to continue their YouTube shows. The awards ceremony of the YouTube Masters program was under the patronage of the Minister of Youth & Sports of Bahrain, His Excellency Mr. Aymen Tawfeeq Almoayed. 


The Microcredentials Life & Employability Skills is a virtual e-course-based program designed for students who aim to gain a vast knowledge in different fields in a short period of time. Registered students would be enrolled in electronic workshops and they can begin with any at any given time during the duration of the program. Students would have a duration of 2 weeks to complete as many numbers of workshops as possible, each workshop finished would add specific points to the student roster, some workshops carry more points than others depending on the importance of skill in the market place, language of workshop and its duration. The student with the most points wins valuable rewards. 

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