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YouTube Masters’ is a training program and competition between 72 Bahrainis who will undergo intensive training and will compete against each other in teams by creating 6 YouTube Shows that contribute to solving economic, environmental, and social problems.


The program is an opportunity for participants to master the domain of content creation and promote solutions to existing human problems. The program will span a duration of 2 months, the first month will accommodate all the necessary training sessions and the second month will accommodate the competition phase where participants will be assigned to teams and compete.


1. Support, spread and encourage entrepreneurship between Bahraini youth
2. Provide proper support for youth to be able to turn their innovative ideas into business ventures on the internet
3. Increase youth engagement in meaningful economic contributions by establishing an online based revenue streams through social media.
4. Produce Bahraini talents and provide them the opportunity to start a career on YouTube and media and present Bahrain positively on an international scale
5. Develop and promote locally designed solutions to economic, social and environmental problems


The program includes winner and category awards as per the following:

Winner Awards
The top 3 winners will receive the following awards:
1. Studio Incubation (Provided by 24F Production)
2. Business Incubation (Provided by United Nations Industrial Development Organization)
Category Awards
1. YouTube Masters Award for 1st Place
2. YouTube Masters Award for 2nd Place
3. YouTube Masters Award for 3rd Place
4. YouTube Masters Award for Best Production
5. YouTube Masters Award for Best Digital Marketing
6. YouTube Masters Award for Best Solution to a Problem

Program participation certificates will be provided to all participants.


The program is funded by the US Department of State through the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative (MEPI) and partnership of government and private sector organizations.
Following is a list of all partners in the program:
1. US Department of State
2. Ministry of Youth & Sports
3. Ministry of Education
4. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
5. Tamkeen
6. Muharraq Model Youth Center
7. 24F Productions
8. UNIDO Network of Investment and Technology Promotion Offices
9. Bahrain Polytechnic



1. Bahraini Citizen
2. Age group from 16 to 35 years old
3. Capable of being committed for the entire duration of the program
4. Able to speak and write in both English and Arabic
5. Interested in the field of YouTube
6. Interested in media production and content creation
7. Interested in social, economic or environmental reform
8. Positive, ambitious and high level of initaitiveness
9. Must fill entire registration form before the end of the registration period

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Last day of registration 30 May 2021.  Please note that registration is now closed.